August 9, 2004

Don’s Guide to Watching Movies

Rule #4: Don’t watch cool movies in the company of squares.

There’s nothing worse than watching a cool movie with a square. I mean nothing. Example: a couple months ago, I went and saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with my dad. Now Eternal Sunshine is a great movie. But it’s not a Baby Boomer movie—it’s just another work of art that the Boomers don’t get. So, needless to say, although I enjoyed the film immensely, my dad disliked it. In fact, he fell asleep a couple times throughout it—I had to gently nudge him once so he’d stop snoring. It wasn’t tough to perceive my dad’s displeasure and, as a result, my movie watching experience was hurt. I once had a similar experience watching The Burbs with my grandparents. Judging from their expressions, you would have thought that they were at a funeral.

I’m sure we’ve all had similar experiences. Even some Boomer probably once went and saw something like The Graduate with his parents and had his movie experience diminished because of their silent yet obvious disapproval. (Which raises an important question—why don’t older generations ever seem to get younger generations? But that’s an enormous topic that’s best left for some poor schmoe’s dissertation.)

There are plenty of good ways to spend time with squares: playing Parcheesi, sharing pound cake recipes, discussing recent weather trends… But to watch a movie with them, especially a hip one? Fuggetaboutit.

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