August 18, 2004

Some Thoughts on the Election

Proof that George W. Bush is a weak candidate can be found in the fact that the only thing Republicans seem to be doing these days is bad-mouthing John Kerry. Whenever I go on a neoconservative website that’s all I see: John Kerry lied about his war record; John Kerry’s views are constantly changing; John Kerry is a big-government liberal. It’s well known truth in politics that you only attack your opponent when you don’t have much good to say about your own candidate. This is certainly the case here. Consider Bush’s record over the past four years:

* Deficits have skyrocketed and the national debt has ballooned under Bush. And this isn’t just due to defense spending, as the rate of discretionary nondefense spending has also drastically increased. Republicans boast about Bush’s tax cuts, but government deficit spending results in higher inflation, which essentially amounts to hidden tax increases. (So much for the Contract with America.)

* The size and scope of the federal government has greatly increased under Bush. Examples include his education and Medicare bills, as well as the Patriot Act. (So much for the Contract with America, Part II.)

* Bush has done nothing to cut down on corporate welfare and has, instead, allowed many such subsidies to increase—most notably subsidies to energy and agricultural firms.

* Bush led America into a war that was based completely on fabrications. It’s now obvious to all but the most brainwashed Republicans that there were no WMDs, that Saddam’s government had no links to al-Qaeda, and that Iraq was not a threat to the U.S. or even to the Middle East.

I agree with the Republicans that Kerry is not fit to be president. But does anyone who’s not been in a coma the last four years honestly think that Bush is? Let’s face it, the main difference between the two candidates is their rhetoric. Bush talks like a conservative, while Kerry talks like a liberal. But both men have continually supported war, cutbacks to big businesses, and big-government solutions.

Instead of trying to decide which candidate is the lesser evil (if you ask me, it’s really a tossup), let’s spend our time looking for a third party candidate who’s truly worthy of our vote.

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