October 18, 2005

Clip Update

Since last week’s blog, many have written and inquired about the clip situation at my work. Did Britny’s clip ever show up? Did she get a new clip? Have I been accused of stealing any other office supplies?

Well, last weekend I went to Office Depot and bought a pack of large gold clips. Though miffed that Britny had accused me of taking her silver clip, I thought that giving her a couple gold clips would be a nice thing to do. So I gave her two gold clips Monday morning. She forced a smile and thanked me for the gesture.

To my disappointment, she hasn’t been using either of the gold clips to hold together her work, but rather a plain old regular paper clip. Did someone steal the gold clips? I didn’t ask. Is something internally preventing Britny from using the gold clips? I’m not sure.

I should also elaborate a bit on last Friday's clip situation, as I haven't yet written about the disappearance of David's clip. Moments after Britny’s clip disappeared, David’s clip also disappeared. David was rather attached to a pink clip and, like Britny, greatly angered when his clip vanished. Although no one’s entirely sure what happened, the general consensus is that Karen stole Britny’s clip and then Britny, half-suspecting David of the theft, stole his clip as retribution. I will be sure to update you all on the matter as the situation unfolds.

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