July 26, 2009

Doug Groothuis Responds to My Post

July 16, 2009
Dear Mr. Emmerich:

I was surprised to read your comments about me on your blog. What prompted this? Of course, I do not approve of the "murder" of Muslims. If you and I disagree about the morality of recent US Wars (with largely Muslim nations), why not contact me about it, so we can discuss it? This is the biblical way (Matthew 18), especially with someone who was your teacher.

Instead, you posted an attack on me (out of the blue with no context) on your blog and do not even leave any room for comments. I find this very strange.

Doug Groothuis

* * * * *

July 17, 2009
Dr. Groothuis,

Why haven’t I contacted you about these matters? Well, I have. Don’t you remember the email I sent ou last November? Remember how I admonished you for failing to back up your political opinions with credible evidence? Remember the numerous examples I gave?

So I tried to have a discussion with you. Your response was a brusque email. Instead of substantively addressing any of my arguments, you simply claimed that I was wrong and told me to “repent” of my “false accusations” and to “calm down and show some respect.”

Look, I don’t think you’re a bad person. But when it comes to these important issues, there’s simply no talking to you. You’re a dogmatist. You state your opinions, often without providing anything in the way of evidence. And you often refuse to respond to dissenting arguments with arguments of your own. My last email provided several examples of this, and your response to my email provided yet another example.

What troubles me is not simply that you’re a dogmatist but that you’re a dogmatist who defends so many evil practices. For instance, you support torture. Never mind that torture (obviously) goes against the teachings of the New Testament.[1] Never mind that torture is highly ineffective.[2] Dick Cheney -- a proven liar[3] -- says that torture works, so you believe him and tell your all-too-trusting readers that waterboarding “saved countless American lives.”[4] (When a reader provided two pieces of counterevidence to this claim, you responded, first, by simply reasserting that waterboarding got “needed information out of terrorists.” No argument, just an assertion. The following day, you asked your readers to “Listen to this Man” and posted a link to a Dick Cheney speech.[5] And that was it! That was your argument! That was your evidence!)

When I read in the paper that the US government is torturing defenseless human beings (some of whom are innocent), when I read that it is undertaking actions that are killing tens of thousands of innocent Muslims, I don’t just blindly support my leaders. I do some investigating. I try to get at the truth. And the truth is that, with few exceptions, the government’s actions against Muslim are atrocious. These wars are not necessary. They’re based on false pretenses, on lies.[6] As a result of these wars, innocent humans being are fleeing to refugee camps[7], many others are being blown to pieces by US bombs.[8] I find this outrageous. I find this intolerable. So I blog about it. To the best of my ability, I stand up for all innocent human beings, not just innocent fetuses. Unlike you, I make honest arguments. I give evidence. Credible evidence, not just links to Dick Cheney speeches!

So I urge you, Dr. Groothuis, to stop being such a dogmatist and to stop advocating such evil positions. I urge you to start taking Jesus more seriously.

Don Emmerich

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