October 26, 2009

more right-wing hate mail

for today's post, i'm not going to be using capital letters. why would i do such a thing? simply to honor the guy who sent me my latest piece of hate mail. (technically, hate e-mail.) this person didn’t use capital letters in his hate mail, so, for today, i've decided not to either.

this hate mailer accused me of being anti-semitic. never mind that i'm jewish. never mind that i actually have family members living in southern israel. because i dare defend the palestinians, because i think they're entitled to the same rights as their israeli counterparts, i'm evidently anti-semitic. oy vey.

i'm not going to quote this guy's entire email, mainly because writing in all lowercase letters is starting to annoy me and i want to end this post as soon as possible. but here's a portion:

palestinian arab identity is novel, artificial, and synthetic. in the last 3,000 [years], there was not a state of indigenous people that was not Jewish. the historical/archaeological evidence is all over Israel.

you are a such a big defender of the stupidity that has elicited international sympathy and support, consider this: what were the ancient borders of arab palestine? what was its anthem? what is the date of its ancient national festival? what was its currency called? who were its national heroes? name works of ancient palestinian poetry, literature. who were the national poets, authors, artists? if you have not realised it yet, there was no palestinian arab identity that dates back more than 80 years. it was contrived to oppose the Jews. even after syria and egypt supported the idea of an arab palestine, they had no intention of seeing the creation of an independent arab state in palestine.

and on and on he continues. (as a sidenote, i just realized that the only words he capitalizes are "israel" and "jewish.")

anyway, i have no idea what his points have to do with the price of tea in ramallah. it's no secret that modern zionism predates palestinian nationalism. but so what? that doesn't change the fact that, going into the 20th century, there were brown people living in the land, people whose descendants we now refer to as palestinians. just because these people didn't have their own anthem doesn't mean that the israeli army had the right to prevent the 1948 refugees from returning to their homes. just because these people didn't have their own currency doesn't mean that the israeli army had the right to expropriate land from the west bank. and so on.

this hate mailer later writes:

I suspect that you know some of the foregoing or that you are indifferent. what you care about is your obsession with Israel. you don't know much but you have your hate. that hate is called "anti-semitism." you wear it. own it.

(another sidenote: he also capitalizes "i." he capitalizes "israel," "jewish," and "i." kind of telling, i think.)

anyway, this is all so absurd that i feel the need to resort to his level and will end this post with a simple, yet i think profound, response:

i'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

please join me later in the week as i resume blogging in both lowercase and uppercase letters. ttfn.

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