January 29, 2011

Bill O'Reilly Defends US Support for Mubarak

If Mubarak is overthrown—and that is likely—who will take his place?  Right now the fear in Washington is that the Muslim Brotherhood will seize power.  They are jihadists who hate America and who will help al-Qaeda all day long. 

For decades, the choice in Egypt has been: Does America support Mubarak or the Islamic fundamentalists?  So obviously we take Mubarak. 

There is real danger here for you and me and every other American.  If countries like Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and perhaps Jordan are taken over by Muslim fanatics, then we will have a true world war on our hands.  Presently al-Qaeda is isolated in northern Pakistan, but if the Muslim Brotherhood takes power anywhere, al-Qaeda will have free reign, wherever that might be.

So, according to Bill O’Reilly, the United States has two choices here:

(1) Continue supporting Hosni Mubarak, whom, O’Reilly admits, is a “bad guy,” or

(2) Withdrawal our support from Mubarak, in which case anti-American Muslim fanatics might take power, resulting in worldwide chaos—Muslims flying more airplanes into American skyscrapers, Muslims planting nuclear bombs in Downtown Los Angeles, Muslims tracking down and murdering Jack Bauer before he can stop the bombs from going off, Muslims planting nuclear bombs in other American cities, Muslims taking over our courts and school boards, Muslims kidnapping our grandmothers and preventing them from eating pork, etc., etc.

Of course, the United States actually has a third choice, one that I doubt that O’Reilly has ever seriously contemplated:

(3) Stop murdering innocent people throughout the Muslim world and stop supporting evil dictators who do the same. 

You see, this is the real reason why “Muslim fanatics” hate us.  Not because we’re a nation of freedom-loving Christians but because we’re terrorists, by far the world’s biggest terrorists.  Every day of the week, the US kills innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The US funds Israel as it steals land and water from Palestinians.  The US supports a host of murderous thugs throughout the Muslim world, from Mubarak in Egypt to the King of Saudi Arabia to the death squads in Indonesia.

This is why we’re hated.  This is why we’re targeted by terrorists.  Because violence begets violence, terrorism begets terrorism. 

I’ve written about this many times over the past two years.  Instead of rehashing all my arguments here, I’ll simply refer you to the following posts:


Anonymous said...

I am a 15 year old Pakistani-immigrant Muslim teenager in the USA,and this is exactly how I feel. My quarrel is not with the people of this nation, but the government!

Don Emmerich said...

Well please know that you're not alone. Although there are many hateful, anti-Muslim Americans, there are also many of us who detest the actions of our government just like you do.