February 22, 2011

Bill O’Reilly Fact Check: The Wisconsin Protests

Times columnist Paul Krugman, a far left zealot, says that Wisconsin state workers make less than those doing corresponding jobs in the private sector…That seems to be false.  For example, a state worker in Wisconsin making $48,000 a year gets a monthly pension of $1,700.  A worker in the private sector making $70,000 a year gets $400 less than the state worker. 

But Paul Krugman never said that.  What Krugman said was that “public-sector workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere are paid somewhat less than private-sector workers with comparable qualifications.” As Alternet's Joshua Holland explains: “Public sector workers have, on average, more experience and higher levels of education than their counterparts in the private sector (they are twice as likely to have a college degree). When you adjust for those factors, they make, on average, 4 percent less than their private-sector counterparts.

Krugman’s article, by the way, is excellent.  I suggest you read it.  For other great articles on the protests in Wisconsin, I recommend the following: 

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